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Welcome to Postgraduate Program in Agrochemistry (PPGAQ) at Ufes

  • This research line is related to the study of natural and synthetic organic compounds that have the potential to be used in agriculture in the control of agricultural pests and / or to minimize environmental impacts caused by conventional agrochemicals. Organic compounds extracted from biological and synthetic materials are used in various bioassays, in order to obtain new herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and other agrochemicals. This line also has as object of investigation the evaluation of the agronomic management on the characteristics of extracts and metabolites produced by plants and microorganisms and their impacts on soil and water quality.

  • Research activities pertaining to this line are focused on sustainable agricultural development. The objects of study are the development of environmental decontamination methods by Advanced Oxidative Processes; Analytical methodologies for assessing contamination of soils, water and food by pesticides; Use of substances of agroindustrial origin for the generation of renewable electric energy; Assessment of the feasibility of using organic waste in agriculture; Study of organic matter in tropical ecosystems; evaluation of the impact of the change from the conventional agricultural production system to the organic; Evaluation of the use of alternative sources of soil acidity correctives aiming at environmental sustainability; Phytoremediation of herbicides to reduce the risk of contamination of aquifers.

The Postgraduate Program in Agrochemistry fosters the advance of chemistry research applied to the agrarian sciences. It offers a master’s degree for professionals willing to enhance their postgraduate education in environmental and organic chemistry in order to work as researchers and/or teachers in schools, universities, private organizations and the public sector. Since it was established in 2016, the program has contributed to the development of postgraduate interdisciplinary inquiry in agrochemistry by bringing together scholars with a wealth of diverse backgrounds.

The program is based in Alegre-ES, offering the course of Postgraduate Program in Agrochemistry since 2016 and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving 3 on its last evaluation.

The program already has 19 masters and counts with 25 students regularly enrolled, all of them being masters.

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